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Aventador Security Event Security

Social events are becoming an increasingly popular way for companies to promote their brand and market their products. Due to the nature of these events usually being at venues that the businesses have no prior knowledge of, Aventador is continually receiving requests to provide a subtle security presence, while still ensuring the attendees are protected in a professional and effective manner.
These corporate functions range in size but more recently seem to be becoming bigger and more extravagant as each year goes by. The competitive nature of these events means that every year hundreds of thousands of pounds is being spent on the venues themselves, never mind the additional costs of the catering and entertainment. With entertainment comes celebrities and VIP guests and this in turn provides a possible forum for criminal activity to take place.
Criminal activity can be as simple as just uninvited guests getting in to the event, but at the other end of the scale there can be real risk to life from dangerous situations arising and getting out of control. The businesses organising these events have an obligation to ensure that their guests and employees are safe from harm, but unfortunately lip service is often given to provision of security and often only a basic presence is provided, resulting in major problems if something serious does occur.
Aventador are committed to ensuring the security and protection of employees and guests at these events and we aim to partner with the businesses holding such events to help them understand this essential need too. Security should be at the forefront of the host’s mind when planning these events whatever the size. We have years of experience of providing security at a whole host of venues and we risk asses each and every one according to the nature and size of the event that is taking place to offer ultimate protection of the attendees.
We specialise in providing a wide range of services for a range of event security including business conferences, large sporting events, annual general meetings, etc.
• Analysis of crowd management systems
• Conference & exhibition security
• Security for AGM’s, corporate events & product launches
• Security screening
• Searches and secure venue prior to arrival of events team
• Secure a venue from disruptive unauthorised individuals and group
You can be assured that when you partner with Aventador Security we provide you with the security you need, your employees and guests will be in safe hands along with the reputation and success of your business.