Asset Protection


Asset Protection, given the very nature of the task, means that it is essential you get it right when choosing which security company you wish to rely on for this incredibly important service. Aventador has an established reputation of offering a dependable and consistent service to a range of businesses for a wide variation of items. We risk assess each situation based on the type and location of the protection requirement in hand.
No matter what the value and worth of the Assets that need protection, they can each be at risk of ever increasing highly developed criminal activity. Whether you require an overt or covert protection service during transportation or at a static location, Aventador Security provides an efficient, professional and reliable service both in the UK and Overseas.
We always assess possible risks and threats to a client business or investment and we give advice on how to implement future security risks. Using effective security measures we provide safe and secure environments for clients.
Our experience with asset protection has highlighted many problems with current courier services so we have implemented a safe and secure way to protect our clients and there assets.
We make sure all valuable asset deliveries are carried out in an efficient and professional manner and we offer a comprehensive strategy that is cost effective to you, giving you time to run your own business with peace of mind.